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Refund and Return Policy

We want you to enjoy a smooth and valuable experience here at ilannoor Institute. However, if you feel that we have failed to do so in any way, do feel free to demand a refund within 3 days after purchasing any course. By requesting a refund, you agree to give us a chance to help you first. If we fail to help, you get your money back within 7-15 working days, in Sha Allah.

How to get refund

  1. Get your order ID. You can get them in the ‘invoice‘ of your Purchase History. For example- ##00000003
  2. Place you order ID in Message box in this link below.

You may not get refund if-

  1. you request refund more than 3 days after placing the order (as in purchasing the course)
  2. you request refund without completing at least 10% of the course
  3. you request refund after completing 100% of the course (meaning: once your certificate is already issued)
  4. you download any or all of the resources/videos/materials of the course
  5. you buy the course (or access to the course) from any third party seller
  6. you purchase and request refund multiple courses over a short period of time
  7. we do not consider your reasons honest or eligible enough
  8. we find out that you are trying to abuse the refund-feature by any means

We are sorry you are not quite happy with the course and demanding a refund. Please let us know in details what went wrong or why you didn't like the course. The more detailed your feedback is, the easier it will be for us to consider your request.